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Passwords are Dead

Still stuck in the 90s? Pashword is the Future

A Pashword is a unique cryptographically strong password that can only be generated by you.

All you need to generate a Pashword is the website name, your account's username on that website and a strong secret key (No details are stored by Pashword, everything happens offline on your device and is encrypted).

If you ever lose your Pashword, just come back here and enter the same details to get the same Pashword without any hassle. No need for any password managers or internet access.

The Key is the Key

Know why it's important

Your secret key must be unique to you. It's important to choose a secret key that nobody else could guess and make sure you use a combination of symbols, uppercase letters and numbers for extra protection from hackers.

Pashword will tell you if your secret key is secure or not. It's very important to not tell anyone your secret key or else hackers could find out all your passwords.

Use the same secret key everytime you want to generate a new pashword. You can also use a password manager to store multiple secret keys.

Some good examples: Jimmy$Neutron.64# or My_L1ttle.P0ny&501

Private and Secure

Secure = Pashword

Having trust issues? Fear not, no information ever leaves your computer.

Pashword is cryptographically secure and works without internet. Don't believe it? Just turn off your internet and see the magic. No remote servers are ever used, everything happens on your device and everything is encrypted.

Pashword is also 100% Free and Open Source, licensed under AGPLv3. All deployments of Pashword are 100% verifiable so you know it'll always be transparent and safe.



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